StripFlock® Pro Heat Transfer Vinyl 12"

by Siser

StripFlock® Pro is a textured HTV that has a suede-like feel, similarly to original StripFlock® Pro. However, this new formulation can now be applied at a lower temperature of 311°F for 15 seconds.

Additionally, StripFlock® Pro can now be peeled hot, which can significantly speed up the application process. Just like the original version, StripFlock® Pro can be layered on itself.

StripFlock® Pro will be available in 19 colors in both 12” and 15” widths. The original StripFlock® will be gradually phased out, and support will remain until stock is depleted.

StripFlock® Pro contains a small amount of PVC, but it does not contain phthalates.
This means that StripFlock® Pro is also CPSIA certified!

Available in 12" x 12" sheets and 1 yard rolls.