EasyPatterns® Heat Transfer Vinyl 12"

by Siser

All the Variety Without the Extra Work!

EasyPatterns are the wow factor you’re looking for! Available in several colors and patterns for a variety of niches, there’s bound to be a pattern that’s perfect for that next project. If you like the trendy options of EasyPatterns then you’ll love the easy cutting, weeding, and application. The pressure sensitive carrier allows for quick and simple weeding and releases easily with a hot peel after application. With a semi gloss finish and soft hand, EasyPatterns are the star of the show even when applied with a home iron!

The new series of EasyPatterns are edge-to-edge designs pre-printed on ColorPrint Easy. Included are 10 revised favorites from Series 1, as well as 10 brand new patterns, in 12” widths.

These new EasyPatterns are not pre-masked, and TTD High Tack Mask must be purchased separately. The masking process will be identical to working with other ColorPrint products.

Application instructions have changed for Series 2. Because the new patterns are not pre-masked, images should be cut in the positive (not mirrored) and masked afterwards.

Available in 12" x 12" Sheets and 1 Yard Rolls

EasyPatterns are CPSIA Certified so you can decorate kid’s items with confidence.


  • PU Composition
  • Pressure sensitive backing
  • Semi-gloss finish
  • 80 Microns/3.1 Mils
  • 45°/60° blade



Blade: Standard
Setting: Iron On

Silhouette Cameo:

Blade: Standard, 3
Material: Heat Transfer, Smooth
Speed: 8
Force: 6

Scan N Cut:

Blade: Standard, 2
Cut Speed: 1
Cut Pressure: 1

Roland GS/GX-24:

Blade: 45°
Gram Force: 80-90
Offset: .250
Speed: 25-50 cm/s


Blade: 45°
Gram Force: 9
Tool: CB09U+0
Speed: 25 cm/s

MH, SC2, LP3, and Titan 1:

Blade: 45°/60°
Gram Force: 80-85
Speed: 300mm/s
*Blade Advancing Varies

Titan 2 & 3:

Blade: 45°/60°
Gram Force: 60-65
Speed: 300mm/s
*Blade Advancing Varies


EasyPatterns Apply to:

100% cotton
Poly/cotton blends
100% polyester

Recommended Accessories:

Siser Weeder
TTD High Tack Mask
Multipurpose Paper or
Kraft Paper or
Heat Transfer Cover Sheet


Wait 24 hours before 1st wash
Machine wash cold / mild detergent
Dry on normal dryer setting
Do not dry clean
Do not bleach

Available in 12" x 12" Sheets and 1 Yard Rolls