It’s all in the details

Have you ever wondered how certain items have a puff effect? For instance, a shirt created with clouds on it and the clouds seemed to rise? It's not magic, it's our newest HTV! Set a new standard in creativity with our DECOFLEX PUFF - the perfect solution to take flat designs and transform them into 3D creations.

Do something different and unique! The HTV supports all types of designs so crafters and businesses can add a touch of dimension to the details with 14 beautiful colors. Good for use on polyester, the DECOFLEX is easy to apply, durable and lasts for long periods of time. Welcome to the newest trend in crafting. The DecoFlex Puff is the showstopper you never knew you needed.


Compatible Material:

100% Cotton

Cotton/Poly Blend

100% Polyester


Cutter Settings:

Cut: Mirrored

Blade: 45

Cutting Speed: 25cm/s

Pressure: 19 gf

Application Settings:

Application Temperature: 305 F

Pressure: Medium

Press Time:  8 - 10 seconds 

Peel: Hot Peel